Hello! I am Blue! If you want more information on me, you should check out my main Carrd!

Alright, lets get a look at the prices and types of art!

Have questions? Here's a nice Question and Answer list you can read! Additional information can be found here as well!

"What will you draw?"-Ponies/ Mlp Species
-Cats (like Warrior Cats!)
"What cant/wont you draw?"-Mecha/Heavy Armor
-Very Complex Backgrounds, like a city
-Anything for NFTS

Extra Information○Payment may be increased depending on how complex the drawing can be or how complex the character is.
○Please be patient!
○I use Paypal or Kofi for payment!

Lined Head/Bustshots
Flat: $20
Shading: +$5
Full render shading: +$10

Lined Fullbodies
Flat: $35
Simple Shading: +$5
Full render shading: +$10

Colored Messy SketchesFlat: $15Simple Shading: +$5!Messy lines and anatomy!

Flat Head/Bust: $40
Flat Fullbody: $50
Simple Shading: +$5
Full render shading: +$10

Extra Assets
+$10 For casual clothes/outfit
+$20 for heavy/complex armor

Stylized Drawing
Flat Head/Bust: $17
Flat Fullbody: $20
Shading: +$3
!Stylized shading and design. I will take artistic liberty on design, color, etc. Will vary in art styles. !

Backgrounds+$20 (or more depending on complexity!)

+$5 for Clothing/Extra

Extra Info:- An Extra character on the canvas wil be up to $10-$20, depending on the character complexity and overal commission complexity!- Be aware my overall prices may sometimes go up OR down occasionally!!

Regarding NSFW art, I currently only sell that kind of content over on my second Twitter! Which of course, you HAVE to be 18 or older to view. Clicking below is your verification that you are 18 and up.I also have a Ko-Fi! It has other limited time comms and ychs, and a membership option!